Tailor-made DVD Packages to suit any Product


This service can take the form of a lifestyle travel feature, capturing and showcasing all that your establishment has to offer in terms of dining, accommodation, entertainment, in and outdoor activities and natural environment. The aim is to highlight the culture and heritage of the location and surrounds in an entertaining and informative manner. The resulting package delivers useful and enticing material that will appeal to any prospective guest or investor.




The DVD package can be sent out to various data bases that make up your target market, providing an accurate and alluring impression of what you have on offer.



The material can be looped on your default TV channel to provide an informational service, showcasing what your guests can enjoy at your establishment in terms of dining, relaxation and activities.



In the case of hospitality oriented establishment; most people want to share their holiday experiences with family and friends. You can provide your guests with a memoir DVD upon departure. Not only does this provide a means of visually sharing the experience, but the material also becomes a form of network marketing.


Corporate Events

The package can be used for showcasing at corporate events and expo's as proposals etc.